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Geronimo: "Mama, can we sew again?"

Geronimo Geronimo

Geronimo comes from a village where she grew up learning to sew. Years ago she had purchased a peddle sewing machine for a 50lb sack of nuts. Recently it has been falling apart. A group from Desert View Baptist Church in Gilbert, AZ began looking for a machine. Since she doesn't have electricity, they needed to find her an antique. They found a 1902 Singer and brought it down for her. She sat down and started putting the things together to make it work. She knew exactly how to do it. She and her family were thrilled with it. One of her teenage boys said, "Mama, we can sew again." The whole family knows how to sew.

They live in a cardboard house and are in the process of building a house out of mud bricks. We are planning to provide the 2X4 rafters and the tin for the roof.

When Geronimo first started coming to our church she was very skeptical, because she was from an apostolic background. She would send her sons to us if she needed anything. Now she is very comfortable and happy in our church. She said the other day that she would really love clean the church once itâ??s built. She doesn't have any money, but she wants to do her part.

Posted Sep 28 2010, 11:50:01 AM UTC