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Tabitha: Her Hearts Desire...


Tabitha is one of the pillars of Agua Viva Ministriesâ?? work in Agua Prieta. She moved here in 1997 with her sister Lola from Obregon, which is about a 9 hour drive from Agua Prieta. In Obregon, Tabitha and several of her sisters were members of a womenâ??s co-operative farm. Due to a complex series of events and corruption on the part of various officials, the women lost all their assets.

Tabitha says that when she and Lola came to Agua Prieta they were very discouraged. However, now they see Godâ??s hand in bringing them north to be actively involved in Ebenezer Christian Church. Their experience in legal matters and outgoing, persistent personalities have been an asset to the Ministry at various times. Tabitha and Lola each live in an apartment in the 4-plex owned by Agua Viva Ministries and during the day they can often be found helping out at the church site or supporting poor families. Each evening the two ladies sell roses for $2 a stem in the downtown tourist areas, which they purchase daily from a wholesaler. This provides enough to eke out a living.

Tabitha has to have all of her teeth removed ($10/ tooth) and have dentures made for her. She has not been able to afford to do this; many of her teeth are loose, causing her much pain. Several months ago she could not cope with the pain so she removed one of her teeth herself. Needless to say there are many food items she cannot enjoy. Many evenings neither Lola nor Tabitha sell more then 1 or 2 roses...or none at all. Perhaps someone or several people might be willing to help her financially so she can purchase dentures.

Tabitha has a burden for impressionable children. She grew up very poor in a family of 16 children and received no formal education. However, she is blessed with an inquisitive mind and learned much along lifeâ??s pathway. She says, â??I have a desire to teach children all I have learned to spare them embarrassment.â?? Teaching children to pray, listen attentively to bible stories, eat neatly with a knife and fork, etc. are some of the priorities Tabitha continues to work on. Warm but firm, she demonstrates great leadership in our Sunday school efforts. Tabitha has 5 grown children and 17 grandchildren, who live in Obregon.She phones and visits them on occasion but not often. Although she misses her family, Tabitha feels that right now God wants her in Agua Prieta, as Tabitha in the early church who was known for her "good works and acts of charity.â?? (Acts 9:36)

Posted Sep 28 2010, 1:56:32 PM UTC