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Each year, the people in Agua Prieta leave an impression on our outreach team; thus, they minister to us too.

This year, we were especially affected by the plight of Felipe, a middle aged man who had attended the church for some time. Felipe suffered a cerebral hemorrhage approximately two months before we came to Agua Prieta. The hemorrhage left him severely physically and mentally handicapped. His wife Luz, with the help of her six children, cared for him in their tiny, ill-equipped home. Felipe still attended church; he would lie on the bench with his head on his wifeâ??s lap. As people entered the church, rather than avoiding him, most would greet him and wish him Godâ??s blessing before finding a seat. One young couple, who had brought their newborn baby to church to be dedicated, gently placed the child in his arms for a moment. The churchâ??s attitude towards this weakest, most compromised member of their community made quite an impression on our team. They showed us what it means to love our neighbour.

Before we returned home, we were able to help Felipe and Luz by providing them with some groceries. We had hoped that Felipe would gradually regain some of his faculties but approximately a month after we left, he passed away. For Felipe, who knew Christ as his Savior, this was a great blessing. But for the family it is difficult. Financially they are managing: Agua Viva Ministries supplies Luz and her children with some food staples and two of the children are working. However, the youngest daughter told Rosemary that the family misses Felipe terribly and that Luz often cries at night. Please pray for this widow and her family.

Posted Sep 28 2010, 11:36:56 AM UTC