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Rosa: In the Shade of Desert


Rosa Grepo invites visitors to sit and drink coffee with her while enjoying the cool, soothing shade of her very special "shade giving Mesquite bush". While there are no other trees around, this Mesquite bush is quite comfy! She simply covers several branches with Mexican made blankets and up you go! One can spend several hours visiting in the "cool of the desert".

Rosa came from the state de Veracruz four years ago because her two eldest sons are inmates in the local prison, and her two eldest daughters were already living in Agua Prieta. The family had traveled by bus in hopes of finding employment. Unfortunately things did not go well for her two eldest sons, but her daughters found employment in the Maquilladoras (twin plants). Rosa then followed her family to Agua Prieta. She brought along the rest of her family: her daughter Sara, age 10, son Adal, age 4, and her grandson, Xexto, 13, who she is raising until Xexto's father fulfills his time in prison.

Rosa began attending church with the hope that life for her and her family would improve. Her children Adal and Sara both enjoy singing and learn their Scripture verses very quickly. How wonderful to have the quick alert mind of a child! Shortly after her arrival in Agua Prieta she found employment at one of the Maquilladoras. Rosa works the midnight shift so that she can be home with her children during the daytime.

Rosa has expressed her gratitude for the love and fellowship she has found at Herencia de Ebenezer. She especially looks forward to Hermano Yan's (brother John's) Tuesday Bible studies. Her whole understanding of God has changed completely... giving her a greater purpose and the sense of a more fulfilled life. Rosa and her family still live in a black tar paper home with dirt floors. If you ever find yourself in the have an open invitation to join Rosa for a cup of coffee while sitting in the "shade of the desert.รข??

Posted Sep 28 2010, 11:43:26 AM UTC