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Ramoncita Ramoncita

A petite, white-haired lady, her smile surrounded by a mass of wrinkles, shuffles her way slowly down the church aisle escorted by Rosemary. The children lining the aisle burst into song as Ramoncita is seated on the â??throneâ?? at the front of the church. Pastor Pina and his wife gently place a crown on her head. The church community is celebrating Ramoncitaâ??s 100th birthday!

The Pastor spoke about Ramoncitaâ??s faithful church attendance for the past ten years and compared her faithfulness to that of Abraham who was also blessed with a long life. He also spoke about Ramoncitaâ??s sorrow that most of her family do not attend church. He reminded her that she had a special place in the church family of Agua Viva Ministries and also in the family of God. He stated that the Lord willing, God would honor her prayer that her great-grand-daughter, Yahira, who attends every church service with her, will grow up knowing and serving Christ.

Ramoncita began coming to church because her granddaughter heard of a group of people who shared supplies with many in need, and that it didnâ??t make a difference if the people in need were of the same faith or not. She says all her needs have been met by the Lord. It is rare when Ramoncita is not in attendance for church services and bible study.

One of the highlights of the evening for Ramoncita was a cell phone call from John VerWys who was spending the summer in Grand Rapids. He is very special to her; each summer season when he is in Grand Rapids, she prays that the Lord will not take her away until John returns and she can see him again.

Following this formal celebration, Ramoncita with the help of Yahira opened her gifts: coffee, cookies, clothes, towels and Pesos. Afterwards several of the faithful women of the church served a delicious meal. Finally, the two huge cakes were brought into the church. As the children chanted â??take a bite, take a bite, take a biteâ?¦â?? Rosemary smeared some icing on Ramoncitaâ??s grinning face and gave her the first piece.

Ramoncita later shared some thoughts with us. She expressed how grateful she is that God brought Agua Viva Ministries to Agua Prieta because otherwise she might not have come to know the True Living God. She also stated that the supplies that her family has received throughout the years have been such a blessing. She thanked those who support the ministry; for her it is always a joy to see the people who come to Agua Prieta to serve; she always cries when they leave and prays for them.

Happy 100th Birthday Ramoncita!

Posted Sep 28 2010, 11:43:51 AM UTC